Applied Kinesiology is a tool to bypass the conscious, thinking part of the mind and access the subconscious, without drugs, hypnosis, needles or equipment. It uses a gentle, physical test of the steadiness of the electrical signals that the brain is sending to individual muscles.

This information can be used to discover what is causing the interruptions in energy flow: e.g. dietary lack, substance sensitivities, emotional overwhelm. This technique helps clients clarify their individual needs and requirements. Applied Kinesiology can also recalibrate the flow of energy – putting the body in better condition to heal itself. The aim here is to have the best use of one’s entire being for a full and happy life.

Applied Kinesiology helps to normalise the body’s electrical circuits. It can also de-trigger body-systems that have got stuck in an automatic loop e.g.

de-activate a jammed Freeze-Fight-or-Flight condition,
reactivate a damaged or sluggish Digestive system,
recalibrate the body’s electrical circuits and energy meridians.

Ideal Nutritional Balance is specific to each individual. Applied Kinesiology can indicate what to avoid and what is required.

It can test the body’s absorption of essential nutrients,
establish individual nutritional requirements for optimum health,
help towards nutritional balance and absorption during and after illness or other stresses,
detect precise sensitivities to food or substances and how to adjust these to encourage the healing process; always aiming towards reducing sensitivities.

Each person is unique in needs and treatment. Applied Kinesiology helps to detect the most appropriate way to deal with any stress, be it physical, emotional, mental, nutritional or environmental.

Applied Kinesiology is a Complementary Therapy, and works alongside standard medical practice. It is not a replacement for medical treatment. A medical physician must be consulted for all health issues.