Odet Beauvoisin
is an EFT practitioner & an Applied Kinesiology practitioner.

As well as her considerable knowledge in complementary healthcare, Odet has a wealth of experience and skills from her varied life: having trained as a professional Classical Ballet dancer, worked as a lecturer in Yarn Design at Glasgow School of Art and spent years at sea in the Fishing Industry, amongst other occupations.

Odet offers EFT for all types of issues. She can also provide additional support as she has extensive experience in using Applied Kinesiology with digestive disorders: also for detecting substance/food sensitivities, for de-jamming the body's automatic Fight-or-Flight system,  and for adjusting nutrition to what is individually required for health and well being.

Relevant qualifications:-

  • Odet holds ACAP-EFT  - Certified Advanced Practitioner of EFT (Association for Comprehensive Energy Psychology) 
  • EFT Cert-II (Gary Craig) 
  • EFT Advanced  Practitioner level 3 (AAMET)
  • Advanced Applied Kinesiology practitioner.
  • She also has a counselling diploma and a Reiki Level 2 qualification.    

Odet is a member of ACEP(Association for Comprehensive Energy Psychology).
She is a listed practitioner at www.emofree.com and www.eftguild.org


"Thank you very much for all your help in getting me back to good health. I am sure that your treatment   “fast-tracked” me there."
F. Brown

"I am now well enough to return to work, full-time.  By avoiding certain foods I am now once again in excellent health and in control of my life. I would have no hesitation in recommending Kinesiology to anybody looking for help in overcoming their digestive problems.  The treatment itself is non-invasive, accurate and effective and, in my case significant improvement was apparent immediately."
G. B. Creighton

"At work I was held at gunpoint by bank robbers in black: black balaclavas, black jackets, black gloves. From then on, glimpsing a person in a dark 'hoody' left me physically shaking, often rooted to the spot. 5 years after the raid I developed periods of depression and an inexplicable but overwhelming sense of loss. After a 2 hour EFT session, I can view dark 'hoodies' with no fear or physical effect. I can even recount the armed raid with mild interest. That was 3 years ago. I feel as though the world has been lifted from my shoulders."
S.A. Brooke

"Guess what, I've done it! I picked a spider up and let it crawl all over my hands! Just a teeny one, Camping at weekends is much easier too."
Corinna Gregory

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