EFT is…
Usually rapid, long lasting and gentle…
No drugs or equipment involved…
Can be self-applied…
Often works where nothing else will.


EFT simultaneously blends Talk Therapy skills with Acupressure skills, to address emotional issues. When expertly applied, EFT is targeted with needle-point accuracy and achieves impressive results over a wide range of conditions. EFT has been shown to work more rapidly than standard approaches. It can be effectively self-applied. Anyone can Tap, with success too, however a well trained and highly experienced EFT practitioner will know precisely how to target ‘negative’ emotions and neutralise them quickly, simply and, most importantly, safely. Working with a practitioner gives additional support, and shortens the time EFT takes to resolve the issue.


By stimulating several specific acupuncture points, tapping on them with your fingertips, while focusing mentally on a specific aspect of the ‘issue in hand’. EFT combines acupoint stimulation with focused mental attention on the disruption. Tapping at the same time as thinking or talking about it, is a development that has been getting results quickly and thoroughly. Skill in focusing on manageable aspects is where a practitioner can be helpful.


It’s quicker and longer lasting: in fact it is usually permanent. EFT is drug-less, equipment-free and can be self-applied.

Eva Musby beautifully explains in THIS blog how EFT helped her cope with distress and even be well while supporting her teen to recover from an eating disorder.


EFT was developed by Gary Craig, basing his technique on the hypothesis that “the cause of all negative emotion is a disruption in the body’s energy system”. The EFT technique neutralises these disruptions, restoring smooth flowing, balanced energy in the body’s subtle electrical system. Since 1996 there has been growing evidence of its success in emotional, mental and physical areas. Research that satisfies medical criteria can be found HERE on the Association for Comprehensive Energy Psychology’s website.

Gary Craig, founder and developer of EFT wrote, “EFT addresses unresolved emotional issues as a possible component of physical disease, psychological dysfunction, and personal performance limits.”

“I’ve been doing energy healing work since 1991 and my jaw still drops at the results. I’ve lost count of the number of phobias, panic/anxiety attacks, traumatic memories, guilt, grief and physical ailments that have been elegantly relieved (often in minutes) by this procedure. Even though EFT violates just about every conventional belief out there, the results remain remarkable. EFT isn’t perfect, of course. We don’t get 100%, but it usually works well and the results are sometimes spectacular. Interestingly, our results aren’t limited to emotional issues. Bringing relief to someone’s anger, fear or trauma also brings relief to physical ailments.”
Gary Craig (Founder of EFT)

David Feinstein, Ph.D.(Clinical psychologist) wrote, “It is hard to maintain unwavering scepticism in the face of concrete results in one’s own practice, case after case after case. We live in a time of endemic anxiety, and energy psychology offers tools that are certainly unique and possibly unparalleled in their effectiveness – particularly for relieving the suffering of relatively “normal” people with nonetheless real and painful symptoms. Because the methods can be immediately self-applied in situations that evoke inappropriate emotional responses, they are often experienced by the client as being enormously empowering.”

DISCLAIMER – EFT and Applied Kinesiology are Complementary Treatments; intended to work alongside medical intervention, not replace it. All health conditions must be referred to a medical practitioner. My EFT approach is unique. It draws heavily upon core Gold Standard EFT principles as developed by its originator Gary Craig.

For an understanding of EFT as the founder developed it, visit
www.emofree.com – to use Gary Craig’s FREE Gold Standard EFT tutorial.