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During this Covid-19 pandemic, all EFT sessions are being done by internet or phone.

Odet is based near Glasgow
In normal circumstances, sessions are provided
– at therapy rooms across Central Scotland.
– at you own home.
– by phone or Zoom/Skype/internet.

You can arrange for a free no-obligation chat with Odet by email at

A diagram of all the EFT tapping points, with basic self-help instructions, can be downloaded HERE


Sessions are one and a half hours long.
Phone/Skype sessions are £95.

Outwith the Covid-19 pandemic:-
Person to person appointment fee is £95, plus travelling costs.
At KSD Glasgow therapy rooms, individual and group sessions are available.

EFT and Applied Kinesiology are Complementary Treatments; intended to work alongside medical intervention, not replace it. All health conditions must be referred to a medical practitioner.
My EFT approach is unique. It draws heavily upon the core Gold Standard EFT principles as developed by its founder, Gary Craig.